Create Your Own Brand

Contact Us

Reach out through our contact us form or number below to get in touch with one of our representatives. Questions regarding lead times, pricing, ingredients, MOQ, etc can be answered by customer service. 

Design Phase

Depending on what stage of the product development cycle you are at, Level Up will assist with the product design and feel before spending time with R&D.  

R&D Phase

Standard formulations or custom formulations both of which samples will be provided. For the stock formulation, these are readymade to our specifications and have been tested across the board for shelf stability. Custom formulations developed by you or in collaboration with level up will require a back and forth effort of dialing in the perfect combination and ratios of each ingredient to suit your products needs. 

Production Phase

Pending product stability and approval of the R&D phase we will begin to enter in the product phase. We will require that all inbound items such as containers packages, and any other ingredient that is sourced by you to arrive at our facility before production can begin. 


Post production we will help arrange shipment to your facility, warehouse or 3PL provider.  All items will be palletized for delivery.