Gummy Fruit Chews

Amazing Taste. Full Pectin.  100% Allergen Free.

Gummies - Amazing Taste. Full Pectin.  100% Allergen Free.


Stock Formulation​ Program:

We produce 100% Vegan sugar-coated fruit chews that are infused with either 10mg or 25mg of 99%+ CBD Isolate. These can be purchased either in loose (bulk) form or filled in either 30 or 60 count packaging with application of your company's label. ​​

MOQ (Bulk): 100,000 Pieces

MOQ (Packaged): 2,000 Units


Custom Formulation:

Do you have gummy product you're looking to create or scale? Through our extensive R&D process, we can work with you to formulate your product's shape, size, flavor, consistency and ingredients. Following our R&D program, we can move into full scale production.


Custom MOQ (Bulk):

115,000-125,000 pieces (1,100 pounds)



FDA Registered, cGMP and  100% Allergen-free.