Gummy Fruit Chews

Amazing Taste. Full Pectin.  100% Allergen Free.

Gummies - Amazing Taste. Full Pectin.  100% Allergen Free.


Stock Formulation​ Program:

We produce 100% Vegan sugar-coated fruit chews that are infused with either 10mg or 25mg of 99%+ CBD Isolate. These can be purchased either in loose (bulk) form or filled in either 30 or 60 count packaging with application of your company's label. ​​

MOQ (Bulk): 100,000 Pieces

MOQ (Packaged): 2,000 Units

Custom Formulation:

Do you have gummy product you're looking to create or scale? Through our extensive R&D process, we can work with you to formulate your product's shape, size, flavor, consistency and ingredients. Following our R&D program, we can move into full scale production.

Custom MOQ (Bulk):

115,000-125,000 pieces (1,100 pounds)


FDA Registered, cGMP and  100% Allergen-free. 


Get in touch to find out how we can help you and your institutions We take a consultative approach to understand your needs in more detail before recommending the right solution that meets your specific requirements If you have an enquiry relating to support or finance then please let us know.

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